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Green Carpet

Synonymous with the concept of offering complete gardening solutions under one roof,Green Carpet has continuously strived to cater to the needs of the community by offering garden products and services to decrease carbon foot print. We are committed to bringing to your doorstep – greenery as a way of life; to help convert your dream of living in a clean environment into a reality. Our aim is to become the catalyst that enhances the quality of life. To serve this purpose, we identify only those products which are environment friendly and meet our stringent standards of quality.

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The house brand of Green Carpet is preferred by customers nation-wide for its quality and the value it brings to every product and service under its banner. Nurture products are designed and produced to adhere to global standards of quality. These products are made to ensure that they are environmentally friendly yet affordable.
At Green Carpet, our design team continuously works to create products that cater to the rising demands of our customers. There can be no compromise with quality. We believe that our products’ value is enhanced by their quality. Our basket of products is designed to cater to every need of our customers. Our efforts are continuously aimed at providing innovative and world class products.

The Road Ahead

We believe in meeting our customers in the comfort of their homes. To this end, we are constantly striving to ensure that our presence is localized in all the markets that we serve.In order to ensure that every customer has easy access to our products and services, we have set up our network in all the major metros in the country and, within the next five years, will have our direct presence in tier 2 and 3 cities.

Our Objective

At Green Carpet, we are constantly striving to create an environment that is cleaner, greener and environmentally, a safer world for our children to live in. To this end,we endeavour to provide products that enhance the quality of life around us.

Our Vision

We aim to build an enterprise that is far reaching in its network, with commitment to excellence in distribution of products and services while maintaining the highest standard in quality to complement the fostering/development of an environmentally healthy world.

Our Values

Respect for Natural Resources

At Green Carpet, we understand the need to conserve and respect the value of our natural resources. We believe that we have a responsibility as a generation to preserve our resources so that our future generation is able to live in a better world.

Commitment to Excellence

We believe that to offer products and services which are the best that an individual can afford translates directly into providing quality of life.


Our strength lies in our ability to maintain customer satisfaction as our highest priority and address every single need of each customer who comes in contact with us.

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